Missional Communities

A Family of Servant Missionaries, Sent to Make Disciples

Why Missional Communities? 

A Missional Community is a group of about 8-20 disciples doing life together as a family of servant missionaries. They're the heartbeat of Summit Crossing Limestone, the primary environment where we connect in gospel relationships and grow as disciples of Jesus.

Following Jesus requires intentional, authentic community with other believers. Sunday morning worship gatherings are important, but most of the Bible’s “one another” teachings can’t be lived out very well in that context. Real Christian community happens mainly in smaller groups of believers as we help each other to increasingly know God through the gospel and live out the gospel in the world.

So we gather. We help each other. We love each other. We get in each other’s lives with the grace of Jesus. We grow as disciples when we declare the gospel to each other, display it through humble service, and go out on Jesus’s mission together. That’s Christianity. That’s Missional Community.

We’ll never do it perfectly this side of heaven. But Jesus and his kingdom are so worth it. He died and rose again to create a Spirit-filled family of servant missionaries by his grace, and for his glory. So gospel community may be messy, but it’s a beautiful mess worth making.